I can’t believe it’s 4am in the morning and I’m thinking about Mofongo. Weird!!C360_2017-12-03-18-53-50-191Screenshot_2017-12-05-04-24-19My husband looooooves to eat, however I’m a picky eater. I grew up in the food business and tasting good food all my life that makes me a very picky person, I enjoy gooood food. There’s nothing better than a great prepared tasty and moist mofongo.

Don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying that these are the only places that sell authentic Mofongo, but it’s our TOP places to find that perfect one.

Punta de Vista bar &  Roof top Restaurant in Calle la fortaleza in San Juan,PR

Let me tell you about there mofongo. They have a Criollos Sauce that has chunks of mango its on the sweet side, but its not too overpowering, its perfect. The mofongo itself is not dry or plain, it does have a garlicky and buttery taste to it, that’s the one we ordered.

There’s also a garlic buttery Sauce that looks delicios. If you’re in the mood for a delicious meal stop by, there service is great and the ambience eating in a roof top is awesome.

La Ceiba bar & Restaurant in Coamo, PR.


OMG! Stuffed mofongo and it’s not a little here or there. The mofongo is actually stuffed inside and they top it with more meat and sauce. La Ceiba Rest. mofongos are amazingly delicious and for the price you got it all. Great prices and great quality of food.

After we ate we went to the hot spings in Coamo, a famous tourist area. Thermal Baths, located in the municipality of Coamo, are Puerto Rico’s only thermal springs. Used by the Tainos in the pre-Columbian era, the Baños were believed by many to have healing powers not sure about the healing power but I drank a cup just in case.

So, for now these are our Top places for mofongo. If we find others as delicious we will post them too.

Are you a Mofongo Lover? If so, let us know which one is your go to place to eat mofongo in Puerto Rico?


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