Foreclosed property in Aquabella Humacao, PR. 4 Beds, 3 Baths $159,900   **Availability may change**




Apartment Marinas Ii Condo in Fajardo, PR from 1 -2 Bed,  1 Bath ,

Foreclosed from $44,900 **Availability may change**

Foreclosed, Urb.Monte Claro Bayamon, PR 3 Beds,  2.5 Baths,   2,100 sq. ft $239,900 **Availability may change**
When doors closes, opportunities arises for others. Puerto Rico was all over the news after Hurricane Maria decided to strike our island. People that didn’t know about Puerto Rico learned that we are not a third world country, is a island in the Caribbean Sea, has been a territory of the United States since 1898, the island is controlled by the U.S. government but is separate from the mainland. Even though PR is not a state, by birth they have American citizenship and can move freely between the island and the U.S. mainland. 
We open news to the world being in the front pages for weeks.
“New York Times, John A. Paulson who served as an economic advisor for Donald J. Trump during his president campaign. Mr. Paulson and his firm Paulson & Company have invested hundreds of millions of dollars taking advantage of a long period of depressed prices for luxury properties and other real estate in the island”
Hours became days and days weeks without no communication. When I did get service, My inbox & social media was flooded with messages of support & prayers for us all.
Here’s s a few messages from Customers & Investors. All these messages was after the hurricane Maria Stricken Puerto Rico.
  • Investor from Houston Texas, Interested in more information about real estate properties in PR.
  • Prospect from Long island, Alex, I trust you and your family are safe. This Hurricane has not deterred our desire to buy something on the island. I don’t know if the hurricane will cause prices to fall but it might push people who were on the fence off the island creating a fantastic buying opportunity. So please keep us posted on Progress with electricity upgrades, got programs and anything else that will help us in our decision  thanks good luck.
  • Prospect from Iowa, Our decision to purchase in the island hasn’t decline after Hurricane Maria. Looking forward in working with you soon.
  • Texas Real Estate investor, so once things are up and going in Puerto Rico Well be ready to go and make your life easier knowing what to buy.
  • Investor from Philadelphia, Will like to connect and stay in touch. Interested in RE opportunities in PR.
  • Investor from Tennessee, I have been thinking about PR for a while as a potential site for me/my family to buy a beach house. I know things are cray now but would love to start the conversation.
  • Developer from Alabama, I hope this email finds you doing well after all the terrible disaster in pr. I’m interested  in learning more about investing in large scale projects in PR during the reconstruction.
  • Investor from New York, Interested in Investing property for airb&b rentals. I have just started researching and wondering how the situation has changed since the hurricane.
  • Investor in  Austin Texas, hope you are safe and doing well. I found you while researching Puerto Rico for investment property. My wife and I believe the island is going to recover from the storm and financial  problems it faces. Will like to meet up to discuss the future of real estate on the island.
I could keep on going…..As you see, just as John J Paulson, there’s hundreds interested and investing in PR. The temporary crisis PR is going thru is just temporary. We’re the hot spot right now and Investors all over the world are seeing the opportunity in Relocating to the island and also benefiting with the Tax breaks giving to those that have businesses & investors with Act 20 & 22.
“Business Insider mentioned in their article Puerto Rico hit the #1 spot around the world where the housing prices drop the most in the past year.


Puerto Rico is “now the weakest housing market in our global house price survey, amidst continued economic woes, high unemployment, massive emigration, and a near-catastrophic national debt crisis and credit rating downgrades,” the report said.


We’re heartbroken for everything that has happened to the friends, family and the island. The reality is that there’s opportunities for those that have a vision. Real Estate is one of the best ways to make money investing in the hidden jewel Puerto Rico.


What are your thoughts? Have you invested in the island or Thinking in the near future in Relocating here?


Have questions or would like for us to contact you. Feel free to fill out the form for more info about Real Estate Investing.



Let’s Chat,

The Five Star Real Estate Group,

Alexander & Mary Real Estate Brokers in Puerto Rico





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