Picture: Ada Monzon

After Hurricane Irma also category 5 with the magnitud of winds destroyed the carribean. Its so heartbreaking to see how hundreads of families & businesses lost everything.

Some are not even recuperating from this disaster and Puerto Rico as well as our islands are panic and worried about this upcoming event.

You see the long lines in the supermarkets, in the gasoline stations and local ferreterias.

There’s plenty of food with no generator available with the consequences that all of the food from our homes will be trowned away.

This hurricane is of great magnitude, Comparing it with Hugo & George.

I was here in PR for George and it was scary to hear the strong winds pass by our house in the mountain top in Utuado. If it continues its path this is going to be a catastrophic event.

We must not forget that the most important thing is to keep yourself and your family protected.

All locals, Please check that you have available of first necessity and again if your lives are in danger theres plenty of shelters, our life and health is our priority and everything else is secondary.

Keep tight, Keep safe, we’re strong and if we fall together well shall all get up 🙏

Is this your first experience with a Hurricane here in Puerto Rico?

Keep us posted, How was your area affected after the Hurricane!


Keep Safe!

The Five Star Real Estate Group,

Alexander & Mary Real Estate Brokers in Puerto Rico

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