Ada Monson Meteorologist

Hurricane season is thru June 1 until November 1. Here in the island when we hear a hurricane is on its way the stores gets flooded, buying goods to prepare for the upcoming hurricane. People here in the island take it very seriously and you’ll see there carts packed full and off course they can’t forget there adult beverage too.

In a more serious note, So sad to hear what happened a few days ago to our fellow houston Texas, with the visit of Hurricane Harvey, how houses and cars are all flooded and hundreads of families lost everything.

Our prayers go to them in this difficult time. As you know, We’re Real Estate Brokers for  Keller Williams and in this time of need for all KW associates they have a KW Disaster Reponse team currently in Houston ,Texas. Is great to have a company that cares and help those in need, why not give back and that’s what KW is doing for their associates and their family in this crisis.

If you want to help, all donations will go directly to the disaster relief or if you want to volunteer visit relief. Org

Now about Hurricane Irma, we know her trayectory and by the looks we’re going to feel her presence.

Ada Monzon, a local meteorologist says that by now is a category 4.

CNN says, Irma could also cause dangerous wind, storm surge, and rainfall impacts on some islands, although it is too soon to specify where and when those hazards could occur,” it said, warning that residents of the Lesser Antilles should monitor the hurricane’s progress”.

Hope it doesn’t cause any harm to our island.

Yesterday I receive a message with all these important contacts. Sharing with all of you!

1. Disaster & Emergency Response / Agencia Estatal para el Manejo de Emergencias y Desastres 787-724-0124

2. FEMA 787-296-3500

3. AEE 787-289-3434

4. Fire department / Bomberos 787-343-2330

5. Natonal Weather Service  / Servicio Nacional de Meteorología 787-253-4586

6. Police / Policía 787-343-2020

7. Red Cross/Cruz Roja 787-758-8150

Websites where you could monitor the Hurricanes or any other atmospheric system. EN ESTE ENLACE PUEDE MONITOREAR LOS SISTEMAS ATMOSFÉRICOS:

Le ofrecemos los teléfonos y correos
electrónicos para reportar los derrumbes e inundaciones que afecten las vías de rodaje.



Adjunto enlace de las Alertas de DTOP:

#Recordatorios #CalendarioDePuertoRico @CalendarioPRcom



We were blessed that Hurricane Irma didn’t touch grounds here in the island. Thanks goodness with little or no damage. We just had a tree fall on top of our roof and also a electrical pole with no damage to our home. Some have water and others have power, we don’t have either or just here spending quality time with the family.

Now, for our neighbors the virgen island they got hit hard. Some lost their homes, life, businesses and others the little bit that they own.

Some locals has help volunteering with this disaster in USVI and BVI. Here are some examples of things that you could donate:
Bottle Of Waters, Rice, Caned beans, Canned Chicken, Corned Beef, Tuna Fish in water, Milk UHT, Vienna Sausage, Cooking oil, Candles, Soap, Bleach, Baby wipes, Formula, Pampers, Matches, Toilet Paper, Clothes, Genetators, Kotex, Shampoo, Conditioner,  Bandage, Alcohol and much more.

You could send Any donations by contacting me or any other location. All are more than welcomed.

Thanks for your diligence and promptness on this urgent need.

How was your experience with Huricane Irma? It was your first hurricane in the island? Did you prepare or it hit you by surprise?


We love to chat!!

Keep Safe,

The Five Star Real Real Estate Group 

Alexander & Mary Real Estate Brokers in Puerto Rico

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