First of all Hola/Hello!!

If you’re here is because your searching about Puerto Rico, Thinking in moving or Relocating your Business to save on Taxes with Tax Act 20 & 22, Buying a vacation, rent it out for short term home for Air b&b or hearing all the buzz about how Puerto Rico is a buyers Market and maybe thinking in Investing.

Whatever the reason may be “Welcome to this Enchanted island of Puerto Rico”.

The purpose of this blog is to give you a glimpse of what Puerto Rico is like. From time to time we’ll post our favorite places to visit here in the island and add them to our list.

We’ll also show some of our favorite places to eat and pictures of our top dishes. Also, news about Puerto Rico in regards of investment, Tax Act 20 & 22, Real Estate deals, Forclosure bank owned properties, hottest places where you’ll find alot of Expats.

Not least, will write about suggestions and ideas on how to purchase your home and tips in how to fix your credit.

You agree that you will not modify, copy, reproduce, sell, or distribute any content in any manner without permission”.

Hope you find this blog helpful and if you do, the best compliment we could receive is sharing it with your family & friends.

Before leaving don’t forget to stop by our office & say Hello, we love to chat!


Talk to you soon,

The Five Star Real Estate Group,

Alexander & Mary Real Estate Brokers in Puerto Rico

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