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Welcome to Puerto Rico!

First of all Hola/Hello!!

If you’re here is because your searching about Puerto Rico, Thinking in moving or Relocating your Business to save on Taxes with Tax Act 20 & 22, Buying a vacation, rent it out for short term home for Air b&b or hearing all the buzz about how Puerto Rico is a buyers Market and maybe thinking in Investing.

Whatever the reason may be “Welcome to this Enchanted island of Puerto Rico”.

The purpose of this blog is to give you a glimpse of what Puerto Rico is like. From time to time we’ll post our favorite places to visit here in the island and add them to our list.

We’ll also show some of our favorite places to eat and pictures of our top dishes. Also, news about Puerto Rico in regards of investment, Tax Act 20 & 22, Real Estate deals, Forclosure bank owned properties, hottest places where you’ll find alot of Expats.

Not least, will write about suggestions and ideas on how to purchase your home and tips in how to fix your credit.

You agree that you will not modify, copy, reproduce, sell, or distribute any content in any manner without permission”.

Hope you find this blog helpful and if you do, the best compliment we could receive is sharing it with your family & friends.

Before leaving don’t forget to stop by our office & say Hello, we love to chat!


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Top beaches in Puerto Rico in the North Coast

Were surrounded by  approximately 100 miles long by 35 miles wide of beautiful beaches. Best water conditions are from early spring to early fall.

The northern part also known as Porta Atlántico, it has outstanding golf course and the most finest and luxury resort in the island  is also one of the hottest place to buy real estate and one of the fastest growing regions in Puerto Rico.

The north coast of Puerto Rico specilly Dorado, Vega Baja, Vega Alta, Toa Alta, Manatí, Barceloneta, Arecibo, Hatillo and Camuy.

The North part coast topography  is unique of any other part of the island. Most parts of the north are framed by rock cliffs protecting the land from the ocean.

The Nothern part is Popular for tourists because offers the island’s major resorts and shopping areas as Prime Outlets.

  • Poza del Obispo, Arecibo, PR.
  • Crash Boat Beach, Aguadilla, PR.


  • Dorado Beach at Dorado Beach reserved is one of the top luxury resorts in pr. Thus beach is for the guest staying or living in this luxury neighborhood.


  • Los tubos beach great place to go surfing in manati, PR.


  • Playa Mar Chiquita / Mar Chiquita Beach – Manati, PR.


  • Pozo de las Mujeres in mar chiquita Manati, PR.


  • Playa Punta Puerto Nuevo & Balneario Puerto Nuevo, Vega Baja, PR.


Puerto Rico has year around beautiful weather. Do you agree?

Which beach in the island is your favorite? Is there a beach that we haven’t’ mentioned that you think we should add?  Share your thought, We would love to hear about your favorite beach in Puerto Rico.


The Five Star Real Estate Group,

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When you’re house hunting, it’s very important to talk to a Mortgage lender before calling a Real Estate Agent.

A Real Estate Broker in Puerto Rico will not show you a home if you don’t show them a Pre-Qualified or Pre-Approve letter from a bank.


Because they want to make sure that you are a serious buyer and not just lurking around for curiosity. I’ve heard stories on how many Real Estate Brokers here in the island have been taken advantage of.  It’s not fair for them to be treated as a tourist guide running around showing properties and knowing you’re not thinking in purchasing a home as of yet.

Also, Sellers don’t want unqualified buyers walking through their homes and more than likely they may ask for the Pre -Approved letter or proof of funds. All Agents here in PR as well as in the states get paid when we make a sale.
So, Please don’t take it to heart when a Real Estate Agent requests a Pre-Approval letter.
1) How can I get a Pre-Qualification letter?
If you’re serious, Look around for the best rates then call your local Bank or Coop. The Pre-Qualification process is free of charge and it takes 30 minutes or less for an over the phone interview with the bank representative. If you can’t find one I’ll gladly refer one to you.
2) What’s a Pre-Qualification letter?
A pre-qualification letter will give you an official document stating that you are a possible buyer, but it doesn’t mean all that much because the mortgage banker will ask you information on your assets, income, and expenses. That is where he or she will provide the letter without checking your credit.

The letter will say how you may appear to qualify for a loan up to a certain amount. It just gives you and the Real Estate broker an idea on how much you may qualify for. “This will not guarantee you will be approve for a home”.
3) What’s a Pre-Approval letter?
A Pre-Approval letter is given when you provide proof all of your income, expenses and assets such as pay stubs, bank statements, Tax returns. After the lender has all of this gathered up they will then check your credit. Then, the lender will give you a letter stating the amount you may qualified for with the description of the home you choose.
A Pre-Approval letter gives the seller and the Real Estate Agent more confidence that you are a serious buyer. But neither letter, is guaranteed you’ll be accepted a loan offer.
4) What is having Evidence of Funds?
We get a lot of customers in Puerto Rico mostly Real Estate Investors that purchase Real Estate Property in cash. In that case, the Real Estate Broker is going to ask for Evidence of Funds. It’s just a bank statement with your information showing how much funds you have available and based from that information the agent will search for properties upon the amount available.
There is no sense in dreaming of a home, wasting your time and that of an agent to see homes until you are ready to purchase. That time start with a Pre-Approval letter.
Before you leave we would love to hear how was your experience while purchasing a home here in the island and what part of the island caught your attention.

Great house hunting!

The Five Star Real Estate Group,Alexander & Mary Real Estate Brokers in Puerto Rico

I can’t believe it’s 4am in the morning and I’m thinking about Mofongo. Weird!!C360_2017-12-03-18-53-50-191Screenshot_2017-12-05-04-24-19My husband looooooves to eat, however I’m a picky eater. I grew up in the food business and tasting good food all my life that makes me a very picky person, I enjoy gooood food. There’s nothing better than a great prepared tasty and moist mofongo.

Don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying that these are the only places that sell authentic Mofongo, but it’s our TOP places to find that perfect one.

Punta de Vista bar &  Roof top Restaurant in Calle la fortaleza in San Juan,PR

Let me tell you about there mofongo. They have a Criollos Sauce that has chunks of mango its on the sweet side, but its not too overpowering, its perfect. The mofongo itself is not dry or plain, it does have a garlicky and buttery taste to it, that’s the one we ordered.

There’s also a garlic buttery Sauce that looks delicios. If you’re in the mood for a delicious meal stop by, there service is great and the ambience eating in a roof top is awesome.

La Ceiba bar & Restaurant in Coamo, PR.


OMG! Stuffed mofongo and it’s not a little here or there. The mofongo is actually stuffed inside and they top it with more meat and sauce. La Ceiba Rest. mofongos are amazingly delicious and for the price you got it all. Great prices and great quality of food.

After we ate we went to the hot spings in Coamo, a famous tourist area. Thermal Baths, located in the municipality of Coamo, are Puerto Rico’s only thermal springs. Used by the Tainos in the pre-Columbian era, the Baños were believed by many to have healing powers not sure about the healing power but I drank a cup just in case.

So, for now these are our Top places for mofongo. If we find others as delicious we will post them too.

Are you a Mofongo Lover? If so, let us know which one is your go to place to eat mofongo in Puerto Rico?


The Five Star Real Estate Group,

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Foreclosed property in Aquabella Humacao, PR. 4 Beds, 3 Baths $159,900   **Availability may change**




Apartment Marinas Ii Condo in Fajardo, PR from 1 -2 Bed,  1 Bath ,

Foreclosed from $44,900 **Availability may change**


Foreclosed, Urb.Monte Claro Bayamon, PR 3 Beds,  2.5 Baths,   2,100 sq. ft $239,900 **Availability may change**

When doors closes, opportunities arises for others. Puerto Rico was all over the news after Hurricane Maria decided to strike our island. People that didn’t know about Puerto Rico learned that we are not a third world country, is a island in the Caribbean Sea, has been a territory of the United States since 1898, the island is controlled by the U.S. government but is separate from the mainland. Even though PR is not a state, by birth they have American citizenship and can move freely between the island and the U.S. mainland. 
We open news to the world being in the front pages for weeks.
“New York Times, John A. Paulson who served as an economic advisor for Donald J. Trump during his president campaign. Mr. Paulson and his firm Paulson & Company have invested hundreds of millions of dollars taking advantage of a long period of depressed prices for luxury properties and other real estate in the island”
Hours became days and days weeks without no communication. When I did get service, My inbox & social media was flooded with messages of support & prayers for us all.
Here’s s a few messages from Customers & Investors. All these messages was after the hurricane Maria Stricken Puerto Rico.
  • Investor from Houston Texas, Interested in more information about real estate properties in PR.
  • Prospect from Long island, Alex, I trust you and your family are safe. This Hurricane has not deterred our desire to buy something on the island. I don’t know if the hurricane will cause prices to fall but it might push people who were on the fence off the island creating a fantastic buying opportunity. So please keep us posted on Progress with electricity upgrades, got programs and anything else that will help us in our decision  thanks good luck.
  • Prospect from Iowa, Our decision to purchase in the island hasn’t decline after Hurricane Maria. Looking forward in working with you soon.
  • Texas Real Estate investor, so once things are up and going in Puerto Rico Well be ready to go and make your life easier knowing what to buy.
  • Investor from Philadelphia, Will like to connect and stay in touch. Interested in RE opportunities in PR.
  • Investor from Tennessee, I have been thinking about PR for a while as a potential site for me/my family to buy a beach house. I know things are cray now but would love to start the conversation.
  • Developer from Alabama, I hope this email finds you doing well after all the terrible disaster in pr. I’m interested  in learning more about investing in large scale projects in PR during the reconstruction.
  • Investor from New York, Interested in Investing property for airb&b rentals. I have just started researching and wondering how the situation has changed since the hurricane.
  • Investor in  Austin Texas, hope you are safe and doing well. I found you while researching Puerto Rico for investment property. My wife and I believe the island is going to recover from the storm and financial  problems it faces. Will like to meet up to discuss the future of real estate on the island.
I could keep on going…..As you see, just as John J Paulson, there’s hundreds interested and investing in PR. The temporary crisis PR is going thru is just temporary. We’re the hot spot right now and Investors all over the world are seeing the opportunity in Relocating to the island and also benefiting with the Tax breaks giving to those that have businesses & investors with Act 20 & 22.
“Business Insider mentioned in their article Puerto Rico hit the #1 spot around the world where the housing prices drop the most in the past year.


Puerto Rico is “now the weakest housing market in our global house price survey, amidst continued economic woes, high unemployment, massive emigration, and a near-catastrophic national debt crisis and credit rating downgrades,” the report said.


We’re heartbroken for everything that has happened to the friends, family and the island. The reality is that there’s opportunities for those that have a vision. Real Estate is one of the best ways to make money investing in the hidden jewel Puerto Rico.


What are your thoughts? Have you invested in the island or Thinking in the near future in Relocating here?


Have questions or would like for us to contact you. Feel free to fill out the form for more info about Real Estate Investing.



Let’s Chat,

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A month had pass, as you all already know, our beautiful island and all of the Virgen island felt the wrath of this enormous hurricane. The direct hit to Puerto Rico was devastating.

September 20, 2017 change the lives of many of us in different ways.

We were here for hurricane George in 1997, but nothing compares to this one. This fierce hurricane attacked the whole island. Taking out everything that crossed her path.

The arrival of the hurricane had us all frightened, which for our safety and that of my family we had to evacuate our home. The time arrived, and on Wednesday the 20th of September at 8am we began to feel her presence in Vega Baja, PR.

Hurricane Maria with its winds of 145 miles per hour had us all terrified even though we were protected and in a safe place. We were not frightened by our safety, but for those who had a wooden house, living in dangerous places, either by the sea, by the side of a river or in the mountainous area which the wind is strong.
Maria’s fierce sounded like a big monster while slowly  passing thru for 14 hours.
You could hear the trees being ripped and pieces of things falling from one place to another. The pressure of the winds trying to break open the windows, the crystal doors and the garage.
Immediately on early Thursday we went out to see and all of us astonished what our eyes saw.
Everything we heard last night does not compare to reality.
The winds were so powerful that while driving thru the roads they had hundreds of trees uprooted, electric poles broken in half and also the cements ones and pieces of metal roofing thrown everywhere, torn from the roofs of the houses. They were places were you could see pieces of wooden houses and personal belonging everywhere.
Passing to the rural side of Puerto Rico there you see a different picture. As you see, us locals united and with all we had trying to clean the pathway.
Like thousands of Puerto Ricans we also lost our home. Everything that we built for a moment was all gone.
Personal belonging that we can never recover was all lost.
After that, we went to see My mother in laws business in Toa Baja and it was also destroyed.
Being uncommunicated for several days, we managed to find signal in front of a cell phone tower in the express way in Dorado,PR.
Imediately we began to send messages to the WKAQ 580 radio which we were able to communicate as well as my sister in law to help us find our love ones.
After 1 hour we managed to upload a Facebook picture of my father-in-law with a message of disappearance which immediately friends and family shared. After about a week worried, just posting the ad after 48 hours they started sending us info about the whereabouts of my father-in-law, in which he was in good state. We received messages from strangers and from people from the states. We were extremely happy to hear that my father-in-law was well.
Our trajectory to Utuado took us 3 days to search for my father-in-law, which his whereabouts were unknown.
The only thing we knew was that the day after hurrican Maria, by desperation he went walking alone and they saw him in a Caonillas. At least we know that from the Facebook posts he was fine.
Now on our  third day, we threw the task to return to Utuado asking everyone we found if the road of “La carretera de limon” was safe to pass by car & quote:
“You have to be very carefully because there are many landslides and the roads are bad”
Worried on not knowing exactly what to expect we decided to continue with our trajectory.
In the center of the island and rural places the scene was more devastating. Our hearts were broking to see everything gray, I say gray because the leaves and the bloomen trees were ripped, the beautiful mountains collapsed, the rivers out of there course and disturbed. I don’t know how to explain it but the sky looked different like it was also suffering.
Here are some photos of our trajectory on our way on finding my father in law.
Not having running water in their homes, there you see how the locals took advantage of the river to bathe themselves and wash clothes.
Now, passing thru this tiny bridge was scary for all of us, we stopped and prayed for our safety,  we had to do it and we did!
Here, we left our cars because there was no path and we walked for miles, I can’t believe we did this.
When we saw my father-in-law, quote:
“You are crazy, with all the family you guys went up here?, this was not a safe place to be.” Maybe we were crazy but we were very cautious too, if we saw that it was a dangerous  road & unsafe we weren’t going to persue it, but it was dry and stable. Thinking about it, he was even crazier by going out 
the very next day and walking for hours without any insulin. Nelson told us that it took him about 8 hours, crossing rivers, mudslides, crossing massive trees and rocks, all trying to find the way with a group of people of over 25 people that he did not know, however everyone was making jokes making the moment a little pleasurable”. All of them just as my father-in-law, to go find their relative, to know how they were and to know if they still had a home or not.
After a long day, I walked with all my family, carrying my baby, who was tired and hungry. We prepared a can of sausage with beans and “bollitas de platanos” with white rice.
Everything deliciously prepared by my mother-in-law who cooks very good. We stayed the night in Don Alonso, better known as Los Rossi in Utuado.
His home in Utuado also got flooded.
Yes, no electricity, mosquitos biting us everywhere, sleepless nights, waking up at 3 am with over 14 hours waiting in line in order to get gasoline and at home little by little everything was running out.  Every day we hiked to find water for cooking. That was also a long wait.
I’m not complaining, just telling our story that could of been worst….we’re all alive and that’s the most important thing. There were locals starving.  Many have lost their lives and just like us , there are thousands that lost their jobs and homes.
My wife and I had gone through another hurricane, but in that occasion we didn’t have children. The panorama changes, when kids are around. Any of you that have children know how hard is to not have what they’re asking for at that moment.

Some have found the crisis in Puerto Rico as an opportunity to invest in the island and I’ve been receiving a lot of calls from investors asking for more info about the Real Estate market now.

Our life has changed, don’t know what our next step will be, but I could reassure you that the crisis that Puerto Rico is facing now is only temporary and for those that lost love ones our hearts go out to you and your family.  

Saddened to see our island like this. Please keep all Puerto Ricans & Virgin Islands in your prayers, as many more have passed & have not been reported.

Let’s keep united, together rebuilding our island piece by piece.  Puerto Rico will always be the paradise that everyone’s dreaming to live in. Pretty soon our island will rise and shine again.


We would love to hear your story? Did you get help? How are you managing the situation? Or did you leave?

The Five Star Real Estate Group, 

Alexander & Mary Real Estate Brokers in Puerto Rico





Picture: Ada Monzon

After Hurricane Irma also category 5 with the magnitud of winds destroyed the carribean. Its so heartbreaking to see how hundreads of families & businesses lost everything.

Some are not even recuperating from this disaster and Puerto Rico as well as our islands are panic and worried about this upcoming event.

You see the long lines in the supermarkets, in the gasoline stations and local ferreterias.

There’s plenty of food with no generator available with the consequences that all of the food from our homes will be trowned away.

This hurricane is of great magnitude, Comparing it with Hugo & George.

I was here in PR for George and it was scary to hear the strong winds pass by our house in the mountain top in Utuado. If it continues its path this is going to be a catastrophic event.

We must not forget that the most important thing is to keep yourself and your family protected.

All locals, Please check that you have available of first necessity and again if your lives are in danger theres plenty of shelters, our life and health is our priority and everything else is secondary.

Keep tight, Keep safe, we’re strong and if we fall together well shall all get up 🙏

Is this your first experience with a Hurricane here in Puerto Rico?

Keep us posted, How was your area affected after the Hurricane!


Keep Safe!

The Five Star Real Estate Group,

Alexander & Mary Real Estate Brokers in Puerto Rico

6 Top Reasons Why House Hunting in Puerto Rico is different from the States?


You hear it in the news how Puerto Rico is a buyers market, How there’s thousands of Repos, Foreclosed Properties ready to purchase at dirt cheap prices, or maybe you read an article where it states that PR is one of the top places to retire, or maybe your friends came from a vacation from PR and are hype on how you could save money by relocating your business and show you how can you legally save thousands on taxes on the law, Tax Act 20 & 22, sure sounds interesting.


Whatever the reason you may have to buy or Invest in Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico has it all.  House hunting in Puerto Rico may be slightly different or challenging of what you’re acustomed in the states. To help you along your journey here’s some of them with posible solutions.

1) Narrow it Down to a Specific Town:

Puerto Rico is a small island in size but not narrowing down to a specific town may find it to be hard to find a Real Estate Broker to help with your big list of properties & with your house hunting search.

I’m from Jersey, In the states for example a Agent may show 5 properties in a a “few hours” where the distance is minutes away and is always local, rather here in the island 5 in a “Day” because the buyer “US Mainlanders”, may be interested in a house in Fajardo, another in Manatí and so on, to have an idea from Fajardo to Manati is roughly around 2 hrs in distance one way for just one house, and thats alot of time invested.

To solve this problem: I suggest for you to  visit several times Puerto Rico and visit different areas and towns and when you’re sure of the places for whatever reasons, then call a Real Estate broker, having a specific town in mind.

2) Interview your Agents without them knowing:

Real Eatate Agents & Broker get paid when they make a sale in other words “commissioned base”.

After researching the best place that fits your needs from my recommendation ito research different agents, ask for referrals, search the Internet, check what others are saying about them. I’m not saying to become an FBI agent, but its just to get to know a little bit more about them.

After you have you’re list, ask questions for example: What areas they work at? Is there a specific area they concentrate in? Are they only showing there own listing or are they willing to cobroke and show a variety of properties even though that means that they may split there comision? Are they willing to work outside there comfort zone?

To solve this problem: Having all these questions answered will help you decide in what route to go, even though it’s a referral or not and will help you decide if you prefer to use different agents to help you along the way or maybe compensate one of them  for there willingness to help you search a home in a expanded home venture.

3) The language Barrier: 

Even though, Puerto Rico is a US Territory, English is a second language and believe it or not the mayority even though may not be fluent in English understand what you’re saying and maybe the person next to you could help you translate or is fluent in English.

To solve this problem: Ask for referrals & search the internt “Yes, use Google”. There’s alot of Agents that specialize in working with those Mainlanders Relocating & Also with Investors  (Act 20/22) & have the knowledge in were they’re more Expats in a Specific area if that’s what you’re looking for.

4) Bad Reception in Puerto Rico:

You’ll find that you call a list of Realtors or Brokers to find that they don’t answer your calls. Here we have Claro,  Sprint, T-Mobile,  AT&T, Open Mobile… and it doesn’t matter the company depending on the area you’re located you’ll have ZERO signal but you may say ” There’s no excuse because I left a text and a voice mail to call me back”. If that’s the case it could be due to two problems the language barrier or because you stated that you’ll be here for a short period of time and in those cases they won’t take you seriously because for there understanding you’ll be wasting there time.

The solution for this problem: I highly recommend you to download Whatsapp. Due to bad signal here in Puerto Rico, we use this app, its just like google hangouts, to comunicate with others via Internet and they’re mostly reachable.

5) Precualification letter or Evidence of Funds: 

In order for a Real Estate Broker to show you homes you will need to coordinate ahead of time maybe weeks. Also, some will ask you for some paper work. You’ll need a Pre- Qualification letter from a bank or show them some kind of evidence of the existing funds if the purchase is cash.

If you’re not willing to cooperate, then more likely they’re not going to show you homes even though you may be a serious buyer and have all the money in the world to buy the whole neighborhood.

Because of  those few that say they can buy but in reality they’re just here in Puerto Rico to only look. Therefore, it’s not fair for the Realtor to have him running all over the island wasting time and gas if you’re in fact not a serious buyer.

We should put ourselves in their shoes and be very cooperative. If the case is that you’re just looking or have curiosity, let them know and please compensate them for there time.

The solution for this problem: If you’re not a serious buyer, what I mean about serious is that you’re not thinking in purchasing any time soon. Send them your email they will gladly send you pictures and info on what’s currently on the market.

6) Real Estate Websites in Puerto Rico:

The MLS for locals is called Clasificadosonline. This website is an excellent place to sell your items absolutely free and also post any clasified ads. Favorite site to locate real estate properties wether if it’s to post a property, locate a rental or a home.  This site is the go to place for locals. The problem here is that you’ll find after searching for homes that the mayority are already sold, the process could be a little dissapoining. Besides clasifcados online,  there’s also Zillow.com, Point2homes.com, Craiglist.com, Realtor.com, Hudhomestore.com and many more.

The solution for this problem: Call A Real Estate Agent or a Broker. They specialize in Real Estate and know what’s the available inventory in Puerto Rico.

We love to hear how was your experience in buying property here in Puerto. We love to chat!!


The Five Star Real Real Estate GroupAlexander & Mary Real Estate Brokers in Puerto Rico

Hurricane Irma in Puerto Rico

Ada Monson Meteorologist

Hurricane season is thru June 1 until November 1. Here in the island when we hear a hurricane is on its way the stores gets flooded, buying goods to prepare for the upcoming hurricane. People here in the island take it very seriously and you’ll see there carts packed full and off course they can’t forget there adult beverage too.

In a more serious note, So sad to hear what happened a few days ago to our fellow houston Texas, with the visit of Hurricane Harvey, how houses and cars are all flooded and hundreads of families lost everything.

Our prayers go to them in this difficult time. As you know, We’re Real Estate Brokers for  Keller Williams and in this time of need for all KW associates they have a KW Disaster Reponse team currently in Houston ,Texas. Is great to have a company that cares and help those in need, why not give back and that’s what KW is doing for their associates and their family in this crisis.

If you want to help, all donations will go directly to the disaster relief or if you want to volunteer visit www.kw relief. Org

Now about Hurricane Irma, we know her trayectory and by the looks we’re going to feel her presence.

Ada Monzon, a local meteorologist says that by now is a category 4.

CNN says, Irma could also cause dangerous wind, storm surge, and rainfall impacts on some islands, although it is too soon to specify where and when those hazards could occur,” it said, warning that residents of the Lesser Antilles should monitor the hurricane’s progress”.

Hope it doesn’t cause any harm to our island.

Yesterday I receive a message with all these important contacts. Sharing with all of you!

1. Disaster & Emergency Response / Agencia Estatal para el Manejo de Emergencias y Desastres 787-724-0124

2. FEMA 787-296-3500

3. AEE 787-289-3434

4. Fire department / Bomberos 787-343-2330

5. Natonal Weather Service  / Servicio Nacional de Meteorología 787-253-4586

6. Police / Policía 787-343-2020

7. Red Cross/Cruz Roja 787-758-8150

Websites where you could monitor the Hurricanes or any other atmospheric system. EN ESTE ENLACE PUEDE MONITOREAR LOS SISTEMAS ATMOSFÉRICOS:

Le ofrecemos los teléfonos y correos
electrónicos para reportar los derrumbes e inundaciones que afecten las vías de rodaje.



Adjunto enlace de las Alertas de DTOP:

#Recordatorios #CalendarioDePuertoRico @CalendarioPRcom



We were blessed that Hurricane Irma didn’t touch grounds here in the island. Thanks goodness with little or no damage. We just had a tree fall on top of our roof and also a electrical pole with no damage to our home. Some have water and others have power, we don’t have either or just here spending quality time with the family.

Now, for our neighbors the virgen island they got hit hard. Some lost their homes, life, businesses and others the little bit that they own.

Some locals has help volunteering with this disaster in USVI and BVI. Here are some examples of things that you could donate:
Bottle Of Waters, Rice, Caned beans, Canned Chicken, Corned Beef, Tuna Fish in water, Milk UHT, Vienna Sausage, Cooking oil, Candles, Soap, Bleach, Baby wipes, Formula, Pampers, Matches, Toilet Paper, Clothes, Genetators, Kotex, Shampoo, Conditioner,  Bandage, Alcohol and much more.

You could send Any donations by contacting me or any other location. All are more than welcomed.

Thanks for your diligence and promptness on this urgent need.

How was your experience with Huricane Irma? It was your first hurricane in the island? Did you prepare or it hit you by surprise?


We love to chat!!

Keep Safe,

The Five Star Real Real Estate Group 

Alexander & Mary Real Estate Brokers in Puerto Rico